Optimise your rental experience with our premium concierge services.

We have carefully crafted concierge options to allow you to host your guests without any hassle.

Unlike other hosting management services in London, we offer an affordable, personalised service with no hidden costs.

You stay in control of your Airbnb bookings and we do the rest   

  • Check in
  • Identity checks
  • Showcase the property (We speak 5 languages)


  • Clean to hotel standards
  • Wash and replace bedding and towels
  • Concierge service for your guests

We can also design a bespoke guest Information file, personal to your property, for a one off charge of £100.00, including information such as:

  • Property instruction manual

  • Security Information

  • Local tourist Information

  • Check out Information

  • Any special Instructions you wish us to communicate

All of the above for one price

We also offer you and your guests a customer service helpline.
+44 203 865 8365

For any service call outside of the check-in and apartment preparation, we charge £35.00 per call out for all concierge services.

For an additional charge, we will restock your property with catering and guest amenities of your choice, and personalise your guest experience.

  • Birthday Cards

  • Cakes

  • Transport

  • Theatre tickets and London tours at discount prices

Your living space will be fragranced and sanitised, leaving you refreshed and replenished

Just another way we are breathing fresh air into your world.

Since offering 0800 Concierge to London, our feedback rating is 97 percent positive from existing client

0800 Concierge ™ takes the hassle out of holiday flat rental in London

0800 Concierge Questions and Answers

Your prices seems very cheap compared to other hosting companies. How do you make a profit?

Once we become your airbnb management company, you will see an improvement in the amount of bookings you receive.

On average our clients are booked 85 percent of the month, and as your bookings increase, we get paid.

The same staff who clean the flat will also check in the guests, so this reduces our labour costs.

Also through effectively scheduling, we clean the property on the same day that the guests arrive.

What happens if my guests are delayed for any reason?

We ask you to send our contact details to your guests and ask them to contact us in the event of a delay.

We allow a 30-minute window for all delays and check-ins

After that, we charge £15.00 per hour or part thereof for all delays incurred without notice.

Are your charges inclusive of cleaning and Laundry. Are there any hidden charges?

Your charges include laundry for 1 duvet plus 2 pillowcases per bed and I towel and hand towel per bed ( 2 of each )

If you have a sofa bed it will be charged as an extra room

your cleaning and laundry is included in the price

During the initial few bookings, we will invite you to check the standard of our work, and give us feedback.

In relation to the laundry and bedding, we suggest that you use materials that do not require extensive ironing, as should ironing be required, this will incur an extra charge of £15.00 per bed.

You say that you design an information folder for the property – can you explain

Each property has individual instructions, depending on content and location.

Within our information files designed with our company logo, we place all information that will assist your guest to navigate your home in the easiest way.

For example – how to use the remote control, microwave etc.

We also share any information that you would like us to communicate, and always ensure we that your guest is comfortable before we leave the premises.

I live in France – what happens if my guests need help during their stay?

0800 Concierge includes full support for your guests during their stay, and we will offer them our 24/7 customer service number during the check-in process.

There is a call out charge of £35.00 should we have to attend to the property after the check-in

What happens if there is a repair problem at my property during the guests stay?

It can happen that something goes wrong at the property during a guests stay.

When this occurs, we contact you immediately to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

We also have our own handyman service available to assist.

However, for extensive problems that require more detailed work, we liaise with you on your WhatsApp group, and do everything we can to arrange.

In the event that we have to attend your property, we charge a £35.00 service fee. plus a 15 percent arrangement fee for any large maintenance work that requires a plumber or electrician.

Our handyman service is 30 percent cheaper than our closest competitor

How do I pay?

We invoice our clients on the 30th of each month, and we request payment within 5 working days by bank transfer into our business account.

You mention insurance – what am I covered for?

We are a limited company, registered and Insured as required. However, you are responsible for the insurance of your property and its contents.

You are also responsible for all itms within your home and it is the owners responsibility to ensure they are working and in good condition

What about keys?

We suggest a minimum of 2 sets of keys for your guests, and we keep one set of keys at our office, stored in a safe location.

We will issue you with a notice of receipt, at the start of your contract.

Do I need to supply cleaning materials and equipment?

All these contract details will be discussed with you before we manage your property. If we supply any cleaning materials or other purchases for your property, we will add this to your invoice at the end of the month. We also offer Eco-friendly products for an additional charge.

What other concierge services do you provide?

We can personalise your guest’s’ stay in any way you choose.

Just let us know the details and will arrange everything on your behalf.

This is a great way to maximise your positive feedback on Airbnb.

Extra charges apply for this bespoke service.

Lets see why owners and guests love 0800 Concierge

  • You remain in control of your booking and booking agent.
  • We believe that by offering the client a premium service at an affordable price, we become partners in your success.
  • We will increase your positive feedback within weeks.
  • Personal contract manager allocated to your account.
  • From £70.00 per check in
  • Your guests met and welcomed by our distinctive and professional uniformed staff
  • Key Exchange.
  • Verification Checks.
  • Professional Cleaning.
  • Laundry.
  • Owner and guest customer service centre with immediate enquiry response, through your own personal 0800 Concierge WhatsApp account.
  • Fully Insured.

Here is a comparison of costs from one of our competitors, who unlike 0800 Concierge answer your enquiry within 2 working days.

  • Linen £70.00 (2 bedrooms)
  • Check in £35.00
  • Cleaning £40.00
  • Total £145.00 per booking

Come on In!


08:30 - 18:00


08:30 - 18:00



+44 203 865 8365 (Customer Service)

+44 7747 792 514 (WhatsApp Line)



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London, UK